Jean-Luc Epivent, Zongolopoulos 1990

One of Zongolopoulos qualities is the skill with which he has mastered monumental art.

He knows how to express himself as an astonishing liberator of space, in the strongest meaning of the world, that where the natural space of dimensions leads us to the most profound space that exists, the most fluid and the most familiar: our genuine physic space.

From this point of view, the Monument of Zalongo is entirely representative. Fifteen meters high, visible from a distance of 35 kilometers, it is constructed on the top of a rock as a memorial to the heroines who died nearby. Here everything has been simplified - the lines, the planes, the volumes - everything reduced to the essentials, everything culminating in a rising: the dazzling white stone raised against the blue sky to stress a message similar to a prayer, a message of such profundity, of such value, aspiring towards the light with the eternal blessing of the sea.