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Always at the same exhibition, George Zongolopoulos' work is presented with a mobile construction. At the centre of a metal circle, made with architectural analogies, small springs support tiny movements. One of the pioneers in Greece of the kinetic art, George Zongolopoulos conducts research regarding the visual and movement trends of the last decade. In the period of his study, which began in 1968, he continues his research with new means and tools aiming to emphasize the structure and artistic work (Venice Biennale 1964). The structure is more evident in his visual-mobile works which are completely created according to the operational relationships between the materials' potentials and the produced effects: movement, color alteration, refraction, modification of shape and form. A study that leads to the economy of means and cultivates the multiplex research fields which have something in common; the same spirit of alter-ability and evolution and artistic sensibility.

Zongolopoulos (Greek-American Union, May – June 1971) presented a new version of his intelligence, using the ''mobile'' artworks which present a very youthful joy for what light can do and for moving surfaces, an exceptional inventiveness.