Patroklos Karantinos, Professor of architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

An exceptional work has been given the city of Thessaloniki by the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair. This is the large metal sculpture, about 18 meters in height, by sculptor George Zongolopoulos, whose vigorous presence rises before the main entrance to the Fair. The scale of the work and the dynamic composition of its elements into an expansive plastic form enliven this characterless, shapeless area of the city. The vertical axis of the monument is emphasised by the horizontal paved slabs of the square where the work is erected and by the long, low entrance wing, which is unobtrusively developed in the appropriate position.

In the composition of space, gate, monument, the latter forms the chief element, centre of attraction, landmark, a living, pulsating sculptural symphony, which enhances this large square and gives the main entrance of the Fair distinctive interest of a high level.