Newspapaper To Allo Vima, Sunday, March 9, 1997

The sculptor George Zongolopoulos

George Zongolopoulos! Unknown, glorious Greek. Left wing ideas, in less than seven years will be centenarian. Eyewitness of this century, brilliant artist, sculptor and painter, whose name featured in all the guides and art dictionaries worldwide. He's like a delicious fruit when you see him up close, perhaps because he was not exhausted by the media, perhaps because he turns them his back for years, not because he is rude or snooty, but because he does not believe that "art needs advertising."

In Venice two years ago left them all speechless by presenting the "Umbrellas", a great work, surpassing the time and so it looks like it comes from the future and not the past, a glorious past of a man everyone would say that is close to the end.
George Zongolopoulos! A wonderful gentleman of 90 plus years..., who lights fires with the vitality of his thought, who is not afraid to say that this work of Parthenis is not original but copy and bow once again to the quality of Malevich, Cavafy, Cezanne, Picasso, Matisse. Unknown to most of you, but perhaps one of the most important sculptors of our time...

If you do not believe me, visit the European Capital of Culture, Thessaloniki, and walk on the seaside...
Along with the odors that will arrive in your nose, a quality will knock your eyes. The "Umbrellas" of George Zongolopoulos for a month now, adorn city's seaside and send a message about the value of art in an era of "deaf" and "blind" that is addicted to the consumption of products with expiry date!