Tonis Spiteris, catalogue for the Venice Biennale, 1964

The extensions of the dimension

Currently George Zongolopoulos is one of the worthiest sculptors working in Greece.
The course followed to redeemed from the bondage of realism was slow. Through successive stages, goes through a simplified virtualization in more schematic representations, having made a series of experiments with obvious effect of Etruscan statues, that studied intently in his frequent trips to Italy. Later, results in an abstract symbolism, where no one can see tremendously distant references to observable universe. His work in the metal, allowing to detach himself from any obstacle posed by the static of other materials. At this stage, attempts a long dialogue, where his only concern is the architectural forms and their organization in space.

Zongolopoulos is liberated from the concretisation of volumes - masses, from austere geometrised diagrams, and is engaged in examining the dynamic element, fabricating a complex space where all force is compressed, thanks to his economy of planes and the feeling of solidity in his volumes. Furthermore, the need to "construct" (a consequence of his long involvement with architecture) pushes his to build his compositions through the placement of successive elements, and not through the penetration or corrosion of the materials. This eliminates any occurrence of chance in his work, giving it an expressive intensity and scope which are inextricably linked to his culture.