Macedonia Thessaloniki, 06.18.1996

Macedonia Thessaloniki, 06.18.1996

Zongolopoulos ''Umbrellas''


The relocation of the artwork ''Umbrellas'', its artist, the sculptor George Zongolopoulos as well as the main agent of that relocation, the collector Prodromos Emfietzoglou, were congratulated yesterday by art lovers at the atrium of the Macedonian Museum of Modern Art, that organized a beautiful event to welcome the artist.

In 1993 'Umbrellas' represented Greece at the 45th Venice Biennale. Since then and until January 1994 they were exhibited at the Macedonian Museum of Modern Artwith other artworks of Zongolopoulos. The artwork was exhibited in the museum for two years and then included in Mr. Emfietzoglo's private collection.

The same artwork, according to the ''sculpting law'' that recognizes as original artworks up to seven pieces, was awarded at the European contest of the European Union and today is located in Brussels at the Community Building. Finally, thanks to the polite offer of Mr. Emfietzoglou, the third original artwork is found in the Macedonian Museum of Modern Art completing the artist's presence in our town.

One of the fundamental goals of the Macedonian Museum of Modern Art has been achieved; To present artworks to both the national and the international cultural scene. One of the most predominant artists of the new trends of the 20th century, the 93-years-old Zongolopoulos, combines the aesthetic harmony with the operational movement which conveys to the viewer the path of the artist's creation. Water and metal, the hemicycle from axes and the lines create a work that is characterized with elegance and ancient Greek style but also with the freshness of the modern point of view.

The internationally known artist stated at ''TH'':

''Yes, I am indeed very happy to be here, I always enjoy meeting friendly and congenial people. As for the sculpture's relocation, of course I am satisfied. It went through some adventures however; but if we consider that all of our life is an adventure then the sculpture does the same. It lives.''

Could you tell me, in a nutshell, what was the starting point of your creation?

Study, observation, expertise, inspiration…

''That is a huge issue that I cannot answer in a nutshell. I can tell you that there are many new and important Greek artists that have found their starting point and direction. The state should help and encourage these people. Not all people are born rich and there are many obstacles in their way. I can still remember how I began my studies at the university, with an orange and whatever, difficult years…''

What is your opinion of the role that art collectors play?

''Ok, if someone can be a collector that's fine. He collects artworks and uses them. The point is to appreciate them. ''

Can trends influence?

''No they cannot. Trends follow the dynamic of the era. There are many factors that form that dynamic condition; it is not a stable condition to which someone can make references.''