The sculpture in space

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The application "The sculpture in space" allows you to choose and install sculptures in the public space of our choice!

In the application selected sculptures of George Zongolopoulos are provided so that can be placed in a variety of real images depicting a cityscape (square, park or other public space). The photos with urban landscapes that already exist in the application can be enhanced with areas that the user can choose to photograph, to propose and upload to the application!

Create a personal composition:

1. Make an e-mail registration and choose a password.

2. Select "New Composition" to create your own composition or "Compositions" to see all existing compositions.

3. "New Composition": with a single click select one of the available landscapes or choose to upload your own landscape photo and then choose the sculpture that you are interested in so as to place it in your composition. In the picture created, the sculpture can be placed where you wish simply by drag & drop or change the scale of the sculpture in the landscape by drag to resize.

4. Give a title to your composition and by clicking "Send for approval" send the new composition to the Foundation in order to be published and stored in the application.