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Exhibition "Untitled II. Greek Postwar Abstraction: the heroic years" at Museum Alex Mylona29.05.2019

Untitled II. Greek Postwar Abstraction: the heroic years

 Museum Alex Mylona

Opening: Friday 7 June at 20:00


The history of abstraction in Greece is reflected in the new exhibition - production of MOMus- Museum of Contemporary Art presented at MOMus - Museum Alex Mylona.

The exhibition focuses on the years of the emergence and gradual introduction of abstraction in Greek art from the 1950s to the mid-1960s, a period in which it has gone through many stages, met the questioning, the war and the rejection, different forms, but survived and then multiplied. Through the work of 26 painters and sculptors, one of the most prominent representatives of contemporary art in the country, the fascinating story of an artistic stream, with the deep signs of the people who served or fought it, was written.

"The abstract painting and sculpture of the first and second post-war decade becomes the essential nucleus that defines a new direction in the Greek space", as noted in the introductory text by the curators of the exhibition Thouli Misilroglou and Yannis Bolis.

The exhibition "Untitled II. Greek Postwar Abstraction: the Heroic Years" at MOMus-Museum Alex Mylona includes works by the collections of MOMus, but mainly loans from important institutions such as the National Gallery - Alexandros Soutsos Museum, the Alpha Bank Collection, the George Zongolopoulos Foundation, and private collections and archival material from the Institute of Contemporary Greek Art-iset.

Participating artists: Achilleas Apergis, Giorgos Vakalos, Giannis Gaitis, Chryssa (Chryssa Vardeas), Froso Efthymiades-Mengekis, George Zongolopoulos, Vlassis Kaniaris, Christos Karas, Nikos Kessanlis, Alekos Kontopoulos, Dimitris Kontos, Kostas Koulendianos, Lazaros Lameras, Christos Lefakis, Klearchos Loukopoulos, Giannis Maltezos, Alex Mylonas, Kosmas Xenakis, Chrysa Romanou, Nikos Sachinis, Gerasimos Sklavos, Theodoros Stamos, Yannis Spyropoulos, Giorgos Tougias, Kostas Tsoklis, Yannis Hainis, Soso Choutopoulou-Kontaratou


Thouli Misirloglou, Head of Department of Collections MOMus-Museum of Contemporary Art-Collections of Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art & State Museum of Contemporary Art,

Yannis Bolis, Head of the Department of Contemporary Sculpture, MOMus-Museum Alex Mylona


Guided tours will be held for the public every Saturday at 12:00, with the entrance ticket.

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