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Group exhibition "Rain"22.12.2021


"RAIN" at the "STOART KORAI" Art Space

Curated by: Iris Kritikou

The group art exhibition "Rain" is presented at the Art Space "STOART KORAI", from 22 December 2021 until 28 January 2022.

Rain, midnight rain, nothing but the wild rain

On this bleak hut, and solitude, and me…

                                          Edward Thomas, ‘Rain’, 1916

"The exhibition "Rain" is presented in the transparent exhibition hall of the "STOART KORAI" at the end of an era and in the heart of the city, a whole year after its initial planning", says the curator of the exhibition Iris Kritikou and notes: "Listening to a new daily life of things but also an emotional and empathetic condition different from the one that was valid at the beginning of its planning". "Rain", a pattern of sorrow, a condition of recession but also of effervescent purification and potential peace, functions here as a literal and conceptual field of weaving, intoxication and penetration. As an independent place, sometimes abstract and sometimes documentary, containing subtle textures and organic archetypal forms, endless silences and intermediate meteoric conversations. "As a literal and mentally wet landscape of people, transitions and situations that take place in the urban fabric, in the realm of myth or in the outdoor saddle", the curator also notes in the catalog of the exhibition.

The fifteen participating artists meet in this poetic ballad of the rain with prominent old and new paintings and sculptures of different scales, employing different plastic means and articulating a flowing pictorial rhythm, coarsely assembled with simple traces and fast links.

The exhibition presents works by Daphne Angelidou, Giannis Adamakis, Anna Achilleos, Andreas Georgiadis, Maria Giannakaki, Frangiskos Doukakis, George Zongolopoulos, Evita Kanellou, Nikos Kranakis, Michalis Madenis, Rania Ragou, Giorgos Saltaferos, Pavlos Samios, Maria Filopoulou and Nikos Houliaras. 

The night Athenian streets of George Saltaferos, the wet urban passages of Daphne Angelidou and the fresh suburban coast of Rania Ragou, meet the rainy landscape of the North of Giannis Adamakis, the rhythmic earthy Rain of Michalis the Great Frangiskou Doukaki but also the almost mythical waterfalls of Samothrace by Maria Filopoulou.The paradoxical geophysical phenomenon of the yellow rain of Anna Achilleos, meets the poetic wet blue ink hour of Andreas Georgiadis. The wet metaphysical circumnavigation of Maria Giannakaki's dog meets the swirling black and white storm of Nikos Kranakis. Finally, the abstract semiology of Evita Kanellou, which refers to Tennyson's Odysseus, meets the rainy mental urban circumnavigation of Nikos Houliaras, the emblematic umbrellas of George Zongolopoulos and the shadow of the umbrella of "Magic Rain" by Pavlos Samios.


Group art exhibition "RAIN"

Duration: December 22, 2021 - January 28, 2022

Operation: Monday - Friday, 10: 00-18: 00

Venue: Art Space "STOart KORAI"

Address: Korai 4, Athens



Tel.: +30 210-3252352 - www.stoart.gr & facebook.com/stoartkorai

During the exhibition, all the health protocols against Covid-19 will be observed, by carrying out the relevant electronic control through the Covid Free.gr.