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Invitation "Zongolopoulos - Houliaras: Messana"14.07.2018

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to see you this Saturday in Ancient Messini.

By sending you the final invitation, we would like to highlight the following in order to make the event programme easier and to welcome you even better:

a. If you intend to honor us with your presence and have not yet confirmed it, please to do so as soon as possible by replying to this mail (info@zongolopoulos.gr) or by calling us on the phone (+30 2106712210).

b. The printing of the attached invitation and its demonstration at the entrance from 19.00 onwards, where the archaeological site still operates normally until 20.00, will ensure free passage.

c. We suggest that you are at the archaeological site from 19.00 to 19.30 at the latest, in order to have the opportunity to tour of the monuments and the modern sculptures as well. After 20.00, we will gather in the ancient theater at the entrance of the archaeological site where the official inauguration ceremony will take place, followed by the short musical recital with Christina Giannakopoulou (soprano) and Antonis Koufoudakis (guitar).

d. At the entrance of the archaeological site where a cocktail will follow, the exhibition's catalogue, which was carried out with great effort will be sold for 10.00 euros and thanks to the kind support of the companies, institutions and friends who embraced it. By buying it, you support our work.

e. On Sunday morning, at 10.30, we will have the opportunity to tour the monuments of the area by the guidance of Petros Themelis. If you are planning to visit us for the opening of the exhibition and would like to be with us on Sunday morning (where you will have to pay for the ticket at the archaeological site) please also let us know.

Thank you for your attention and we are waiting for you!