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The Municipality of Filothei-Psychiko in collaboration with the George Zongolopoulos Foundation participate in the global “Orange the World” campaign, illuminate in orange color the emblematic sculpture of George Zongolopoulos "The Dance of Zalongo" and invite you at the Open Air Glyptotheque of Psychiko where the lyrical performance "Witches" will be presented.

Date: Thursday 2 December 2021, at 19:00

Venue: Open Air Glyptotheque of Psychiko (next to the Church of Aghios Dimitrios)


The unique case of the Monument of Zalongo as a public work of art

It is the only public monument in Greece with dimensions 18 m. Length x 15 m. Height, which is dedicated to women and to their contribution to the Struggle for Freedom. The 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821 coincides with the 60th anniversary of the unveiling of the Monument of Zalongo in 1961. In the context of this double symbolic anniversary, the Monument of Zalongo was declared this year as a Monument of Modern Cultural Heritage of Greece created in a place of special historical value for Greece.

The completion of the monument, created in situ on Mount Zalongo, is still a construction feat for Greece in 1960s and to ensure its completion the monument was placed "under the protection" of then Queen Frederick. This "protection" is not accidental as it is seemed that a woman (the first female citizen of the country at the time) undertook the project to give honors to women who should historically be a model for future generations of Greek women honoring the sacrifice of women of Souli and our national history.

The Monument of Zalongo is a symbol for the self-determination of women and historically its characterization coincides in 2021 with the beginning of the international movement “MeToo” in Greece, where the defense of women's dignity seems more relevant than ever. 


The performance "Witches"

On December 2, at 19.00, the lyrical performance "Witches" will take place, based on the homonymous work of the state award-winning novelist Natasa Sideris. The actress Nicole Dimitrakopoulou, the mezzo-soprano Anastasia Kotsali and the accordionist Costas Ziggeridis are participating.

The event transforms the Open Air Glyptotheque of Psychiko into a stage, next to the sculpture "Poseidon" created by George Zongolopoulos. The "Witches" of our time, written on the occasion of the recent incidents of violence against women in our country, talk with baroque musical fragments and free improvisations. Fragments of loss, memory and absence of women that must not be forgotten, issues of gender violence as living demands of the present, flood the Zongolopoulos’ Sculpture Gallery conversing with the fascinating story of its creator. 

Performer & director Nicole Dimitrakopoulou states:

"The Open Air Glyptotheque of Psychiko will be transformed into a specially designed stage and with the background of the emblematic sculptures of the artist of Psychiko, an outdoor visual and musical-theatrical act will be set up. A mezzo-soprano, an accordionist and an actress will present the story of violence on the body and spirit of female existence. 

The event includes a short guided tour of George Zongolopoulos’ selected sculptures at Open Air Glyptotheque of Psychiko curated by the George Zongolopoulos Foundation

George Zongolopoulos' "Poseidon" could represent a jet of water where it symbolizes perpetual motion and fluidity, just like the water element does in nature. The transparent form of "Poseidon" is the one that dynamically urge us in the struggle for our rights in order to conquer the calm seas in which we envision to coexist." 

Starting point: Sculpture "The Dance of Zalongo"

It is mandatory to show a vaccination or disease certificate.