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The George Zongolopoulos Foundation in collaboration with the Municipality of the City of Athens, the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the Municipality of Filothei-Psychiko, the Municipality of Preveza and the EMAAR Misr group participates in the global “Orange the World” campaign illuminating the emblematic sculptures of George Zongolopoulos in Greece and Egypt honoring the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

The unique case of the Monument of Zalongo as a public work of art that is illuminated by the Municipality of Preveza for the first time in Preveza Region 

It is the only public monument in Greece with dimensions 18 m. Length x 15 m. Height, which is dedicated to women and to their contribution to the Struggle for Freedom.The 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821 coincides with the 60th anniversary of the unveiling of the Monument of Zalongo in 1961. In the context of this double symbolic anniversary, the Monument of Zalongo was declared this year as a Monument of Modern Cultural Heritage of Greece created in a place of special historical value for Greece.

The completion of the monument, created in situ on Mount Zalongo, is still a construction feat for Greece in 1960s and to ensure its completion the monument was placed "under the protection" of then Queen Frederick. This "protection" is not accidental as it is seemed that a woman (the first female citizen of the country at the time) undertook the project to give honors to women who should historically be a model for future generations of Greek women honoring the sacrifice of women of Souli and our national history.

The Monument of Zalongo is a symbol for the self-determination of women and historically its characterization coincides in 2021 with the beginning of the international movement “MeToo” in Greece, where the defense of women's dignity seems more relevant than ever. 

The Municipality of Filothei-Psychiko has installed in the Open-Air Glyptotheque of Psychiko the sculpture “The Dance of Zalongo” which is the bronze imprint of the Monument of Zalongo, on a scale of 1:10, which marks this year's campaign of the Municipality. 

The Municipality of the City of Athens participates in the campaign illuminating in orange the sculpture "Pentacycle" and the new fountain in Omonia Square in the center of Athens. 

The Municipality of Thessaloniki illuminates the sculpture “Umbrellas” on the waterfront of the city. EMAAR Misr and Al Alamein Hotel stand in solidarity and celebrate International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women by participating in and lighting the “Umbrellas” sculpture in orange. 

The President of the George Zongolopoulos Foundation, Mr. Nicos Theodoridis stated:

"The Monument of Zalongo, which participates for the first time in the celebration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, was designated a Monument of Modern Cultural Heritage of Greece in a historic year honoring the Greek Revolution, but also in a year that, unfortunately, the term “feminicide” was consolidated in our country. The global “MeToo” movement gained a voice in Greece as well.The monument is dedicated to the heroines Souliotisses whose sacrifice inspired and moved many Europeans, offering a step in the philhellenic movement. Through this emblematic artwork, Zongolopoulos wanted to leave to eternity the scream of women for Freedom and Dignity. Let this monument remind every Greek and every man of the self-sacrifice of these women and let it become a symbol for each of us to honor the woman, the mother, the daughter, the sister, the friend that has in his life. 

Speaking of symbols, the beloved cosmopolitan “Umbrellas” of George Zongolopoulos coincide with the symbol chosen by UNESCO to raise public awareness for this day. Violence against women and girls is one of the most devastating human rights violations in the world. The orange color symbolizes a brighter future, without violence. As a sign of solidarity, the UNESCO globe is illuminated in orange and the umbrella is chosen as a symbol to say NO to violence against women. 

UNESCO invites everyone to post their photos on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for World Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, including the hashtags #OrangeTheWorld # 25 Nov #IDEVAW and adding a tag to UNESCO. Contributors can submit photos and / or videos saying "No to violence against women", preferably with the symbolic umbrella. Remember to wear a touch of orange. 

The George Zongolopoulos Foundation, as the sole copyright holder of the work of George Zongolopoulos, congratulates and thanks the Municipalities of Athens, Thessaloniki, Filothei-Psychiko, Preveza and the EMAAR-Misr, which responded immediately to the illumination for this important day."