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Press Release "Zongolopoulos - Houliaras: Messana"06.07.2018




The exhibition "Zongolopoulos - Houliaras: Messana" was designed with absolute respect and in an organic conversation with the archaeological site of Ancient Messene following a year of study and systematic in situ wandering and thorough recording.

Two of the most prominent Greek sculptors, distinguished among others for their organic dialogue and the excellent conversation of their work with the needs, the peculiarities and the possibilities of the public space, "visit" the Public Space of the ancient city of Messene by mentally following the visitor's route and emphasizing the structure, role and importance of each public building.

In the exemplarily restored city of ancient Messene (MESSANA in the Doric dialect), in close collaboration with its decades-long excavator and President of the Society of Messenian Archaeological Studies, Professor Petros Themelis, and in a planning that follows and strengthens the visitors’ journey to the archaeological site and its individual monuments (the Fountain of Arsinoe, the Ancient Agora, the Asclepeion, the Stadium, the Palaestra), 11 sculptures by George Zongolopoulos and 11 sculptures by Giorgos Houliaras are presented.

The artworks, large - scale in their whole and ideally intended for the exterior space, resistant to their raw material and of ‘Doric order’, in terms of their conception and execution, with mythological and historical references, compatible with the space, but also with primordial and diachronic symbolisms for their natural and metaphysical plastic and cognitive quests, were chosen by Angelos Moretis, Architect and Director of the George Zongolopoulos Foundation, by Giorgos Houliaras, Professor at the Athens School of Fine Arts in Greece, and by the Curator of the exhibition, Iris Kritikou.

The intention of the exhibition's team is the conversation of the iconic buildings of ancient Messene with emblematic sculptures by George Zongolopoulos and Giorgos Houliaras, which have also been designed and created as per their theme and scale to be presented in public space.

As Petros Themelis notes, "Ancient Messene, apart from its various forms, motives and functions, is a three-dimensional creation that interacts with the natural environment and its all over the world visitors, and is gradually formed by its scattered members living a second life in the present that is preached eternal...". 


Curator: Iris Kritikou

Opening: Saturday, July 14, 2018,  at 19:00

Duration: 14/7-30/9/2018

Operation: Daily 08:00-20:00

On Saturday, July 14, 2018, in the inauguration ceremony the soprano Christina Giannakopoulou and the guitarist Antonis Koufoudakis willingly perform Stathis Gyfttakis' "Ta rho tou erota" (The letters of love) in Odysseus Elytis' poetry and Manuel de Falla's "Siete canciones populares".

An English-Greek catalogue designed by Andreas Georgiadis is released on the occasion of the exhibition.


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