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present the group art exhibition


Culture & Education House of the Municipality of Tinos ("Moschoulia School" Building)

Tinos, July 3 - August 31, 2021

Exhibition curator: Manos Stefanidis


The George Zongolopoulos Foundation is pleased to participate and invites you to the TINOS AVANT - GARDE exhibition co-organized and presented by the Municipality of Tinos and ROMA GALLERY at the Culture and Education House of the Municipality of Tinos opening Saturday 3 July to Tuesday 31 August.

The exhibition is curated by Professor Manos Stefanidis, who notes: "Tinos avant - garde" is now a symbolic gesture - a reference to the heroic, hopeful and "unfinished", due to dictatorship, 60's and to its artists and the achievements of the conservative society of the time. It was then that a group of young artists, all born around 1930, left Athens to conquer Rome, Paris, Berlin, London, Kassel... even New York. Of course, I am referring to Pavlos, Michas, Zouni, Skylakos, Karas, Kessanlis, Gaitis, Mytaras as well as Stamos, Chryssa or Akrithakis but also the older Zongolopoulos, Lameras and the younger George Lappas and Dimitris Alithinos.

With extended boundaries between traditional painting, sculpture, architecture, photography and cinema, these artists "directed" themselves in a dramatic multi-layered space of late modernism, each finding their own personal and completely recognizable language, that is, their identity, becoming with their sensitivity, talent but also their magic (!) international names. In fact, in a very difficult track and with relentless competition. That is, long before we read politically the entry of the European Union, our small, artistic avant-garde had put us in Europe through the window! Because that's what it's all about. And I am referring to Takis and his magnetic manifesto, Kounellis and arte povera, Kaniaris and Gastarbeiter - Fremdtarbeiter, Mitropoulos and Callas, Melina and Irini Pappas, Michalis Kakogiannis and the film "Alexis Zorbas" for which Vassilis Fotopoulos was honored with an Oscar for scenography in 1964, Manos and Mikis or Koun with "Ornithes", in 1960. But also, Koundouros who with "Little Aphrodites" won the silver Arktos at the Berlin festival, in 1963. I remind you that the music was by Giannis Markopoulos and the script by Kostas Sfikas and Vassilis Vasilikos.

This is the multidimensional Greek avant-garde which began to work miracles around 1960. It is very natural that this exhibition does not include all the names and all the cases of the Greek modernité of that period. But it is an absolutely indicative representation of its various tendencies that start from the imaginative naïveté of Fasianos, the figuration nouvelle of Christos Karas and reach to the art mecano of Kessanlis, the nouveau réalisme of Pavlos and the abstract expression of Svetas. It is also very important that this exhibition hosts works of historical, large dimensions and museum specifications. Works of an intense theatricality which participated in large, international exhibitions. From Sao Paulo, Brazil to the Paris Youth Biennale, documenta, etc. That is why our joy and satisfaction is great. Why do we claim that Tinos is back in the game of great, artistic events as it is historically entitled and as it happened in the past when Tinian creators like Giannoulis Halepas, Nikolaos Gyzis, Nikolaos Lytras, Antonis Sohos, Nikos Skalkotas, Lazaros Lameras and so many others. We know it now: Art is our only right to a, at least, selfish immortality and our only possibility to feel, at least, with our fingertips the face of beauty. Those ideal, transparent forms that settle in the core of our existence, in defiance of the misery or the misery that everyday life by definition causes. Nothing else is allowed to us. As gentle, as subtle as to hurt... a little. Like the thorn of a rose. This is the art. The tenderness that can and does exhaust the ubiquitous violence. "

Participants: PAVLOS, ALITHINOS Dimitris, ZONGOLOPOULOS George, KARAS Christos, KESSANLIS Nikos, LAPPAS George, MICHAS Giannis, MYTARAS Dimitris, SKYLAKOS Vassilis, STAMOS Theodoros.

The George Zongolopoulos Foundation participates in the exhibition "Tinos avant - garde" with the sculpture by George Zongolopoulos Tel-Néant and expresses its warm thanks to the Municipality of Tinos, the Mayor of Tinos Mr. Giannis Siotis and the Municipal Councilor Emmanuel Sohos for the hospitality, to Mrs. Anna Angelopoulou and Mr. Iridanos Tsirigoulis from ROMA GALLERY for the excellent cooperation and to the curator of the exhibition Mr. Manos Stefanidis.



Exhibition duration: July 3 - August 31, 2021

Venue: Municipality of Tinos - House of Culture & Education of the Municipality of Tinos ("Moschouleias School" Building)

Exhibition curator: Manos Stefanidis


Information: ROMA GALLERY, Tel. 2130358344