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120 years since the birth of George Zongolopoulos23.12.2020


Limited edition sculptures for the 120 years since the birth of George Zongolopoulos

The George Zongolopoulos Foundation, in the context of the completion of 120 years since the birth of George Zongolopoulos in 2021, reproduced a new series of sculptures with an anniversary character. The numbering of the four new sculptures is 120 unique pieces per theme and with a numbering that will mark the 120th anniversary of the birth of the sculptor, i.e. 1901-2021.

The new series of sculptures includes the most recognizable and beloved work of the sculptor famous Umbrellas with black color and white Plexiglas base, as well as sculptures created with magnifying lenses and thematic reference to the umbrella entitled Lens with Umbrella, Lens with Lenses and Vacuum with Umbrella. As new visual objects of our art-shop is added a series of six drawings of the sculpture Diaphragm, printed on paper Fine Art photo rag 320 gr. which are contained in a luxury case and a series of digital prints of sculptures and paintings of the Foundation's collection in Plexiglas as coasters.

It is the first time that sculptures with lenses are available as numbered sculptures, a theme that is unique in the visual vocabulary of George Zongolopoulos, as well as the first time that drawings and paintings of the artist are used for reproduction.

The collection of the George Zongolopoulos Foundation Artshop is available to our selected associates in Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as at the Foundation.

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