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An Art Lover's Guide to Athens14.11.2017

The George Zongolopoulos Foundation expresses its warmest thanks to the Culture Trip (culturetrip.com) for choosing and featuring the Foundation's activities in the very interesting article An Art's Guide to Athens, edited by Mrs. Ethel Dilouambaka. Our best wishes to the inspiring team of the Culture Trip and to the Marketing & Communication Manager Mrs. Coline Marcenac.

The George Zongolopoulos Foundation believes that all individuals can contribute positively towards culture, cultural development and the Arts!

Culture includes modes of life and reflects our values and aspirations! The arts, museums, libraries and archives hold our memory, our creativity, our excellence, our beauty and our diversity... so let's visit all these magical places and express ourselves through things that have been taken out of their everyday use and have become the bridge between the visible and the invisible!

Aesthetics is innate in every human being and Art is a fundamental need!