The George Zongolopoulos Foundation is a public welfare, non-profit organization, that was created in February 2004 in Athens by the Greek sculptor George Zongolopoulos and its establishment was sanctioned one year later. The Foundation holds all the works created by the artist which have not been allocated in any legal way, as well as their copyrights. It is directed by a six-member Board of Trustees and its objectives are:

  1. The collection, presentation, promotion and study of the life and the work of the founder George Zongolopoulos. The support and help to people who are whether in Greece or abroad and are seeking the study, gathering, preservation and development of his work in Greece and abroad.
  2. The presentation and promotion of Greek painting and sculpture in general, through the creation of periodical exhibitions.
  3. The realization of artistic events with the aim to cultivate and promote Fine Arts to the public.
  4. The collection of more works of art of the founder, through purchases or donations.
  5. The support of talented new sculptors, through the scholarships awarded to graduates of the School of Fine Arts.


The friends of the Foundation can contribute by depositing any amount of money to the following account:

ALPHA BANK, N. Psychiko - IBAN: GR 39 0140 1640 1640 0200 2000 780